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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

This includes extractions of teeth, wisdom tooth extractions, treatment of jaw fractures, removal of any pathology associated with tooth, sinus lift surgeries, biopsies and pre prosthetic surgeries.

Tooth Removal

Sometimes, even after taking all the efforts, tooth disease can reach a stage where the teeth are not salvageable. In such cases, we may need a dental extraction to prevent further damage to the underlying bone and surrounding gums and teeth.

Traditional extractions are done by expanding and fracturing the plate of bone on the cheek side. This is very precious bone. Once lost, it is exceedingly hard to regain. It also, more often than not, impairs our ability to restore the lost tooth by a dental implant. And that's where Dr. Ahuja's Dental Clinic specializes in keeping any extraction as minimally invasive and traumatic as possible

With the technologies available at Dr. Ahuja's Dental Clinic, it is very rare that we extract an important functional tooth or any tooth in the aesthetic zone. Our major dental extraction procedures involve the removal of third molars (wisdom teeth / molar extraction) and dental extractions for orthodontic purposes that give functional and cosmetic improvement.

Wisdom teeth extractions (Third molar surgeries)

When there is no sufficient space to erupt in the oral cavity (impacted wisdom teeth) removal of wisdom teeth is suggested for the following reasons:

  • They are prone to tooth decay and infection
  • They may cause severe gum disease which may affect the supporting tissues and bone structures of the surrounding teeth.
  • To prevent unwanted movement of teeth after an orthodontic treatment.

Your wisdom tooth removal treatment may either be "simple" or "surgical". Simple wisdom tooth removal surgery is performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth under local anesthesia, and require only the use of instruments to elevate and/or grasp the visible portion of the tooth. Typically, the tooth is lifted and rocked back and forth to make the tooth loose enough to be removed. Surgical wisdom tooth treatments involve the removal of wisdom teeth that cannot be easily accessed, usually because they are covered by the gums partially or completely.